A Los Angeles based architectural research and design collective specializing in the meticulous restoration and future-proofing of historically significant structures through an extensive archival documentation approach. Implementing the highest level of respect for a construct's original scope and intent while guiding a new era into the form. Many of our commissions involve an authentic adherence to an array of acclaimed architects' standards -- namely, A. Quincy Jones, Craig Ellwood, Donald Wexler, Earl Wear, Gregory Ain, Harwell Hamilton Harris, John Lautner, Raphael Soriano, Richard Neutra, Rodney Walker, Rudolph Schindler, and William Pereira along with other renowned designers. Advancing an entire project's outline on a program by program basis; the modality of our work involves an extensive amount of exploration and the rediscovery of original materials in order to examine and ensure each project's integrity remains intact, or is reintroduced where intended. Such collaboration and years of experience are in the spirit of true modernist craftsmanship and the distinct re-adaptive use of materials. Multiple projects have involved award winning historically landmarked buildings as well as others currently in the process of earning recognition on either a national, state, or local historical register